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1.Q:What do I need to do to get a free spot?
A:Open the link in the mail, find the exact same product as the picture, buy, after receiving the product, leave your comments and screenshot to us, next please wait 1-2 days, we will check for your money back (usually do not need so long, if we are working, only 3 to 5 hours)
2.Q:How long will the whole process take?
A:All of our products are FBA delivered, depending on Amazon's delivery time, usually 2-5 days to complete delivery, you can only leave a review 1 day after receiving the product, which takes 4-6 days in total.
3.Q:What if I can't leave a review?
A:If your account has been restricted from leaving reviews, for the safety of your account, please do not p urchase the product.
4.Q:How do I get a refund?
A:Contact us at our email or facebook page and we will process your refund through your PayPal account.
5.Q:How long does a refund take?
A:1-2 days after receiving a screenshot of your review.
6.Q:What fees are included in the refund?
A:Includes your actual payment for the product and PayPal fees, not including taxes and fees incurred by the Amazon platform.
7.Q:How am I supposed to believe you'll actually return the money?
A:You have nothing to worry about.If we are not at PayPal for your refund, you can request a refund on Amazon Backend.As we all know, Amazon has always defended its buyers, and Amazon will definitely refund your money!

For more questions you can email us or contact us through our facebook page.
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